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iKAHE set a number of core technologies to create a smart bath new mileage

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Update time : 2019-01-29 18:19:02

Large flow variable frequency heating – heater
It adopts 900CC large flow instantly hot technology, uses special ceramic tube made by high-grade rare top-level earth process, integrating flow meter, butterfly temperature control switch and other protection devices to ensure the service life and heating efficiency.

Air isolation technology - pulse valve
The only brand in the world owning such patented technology, safe and secure! When negative pressure is formed in public pipe, the sewage water in the toilet will be countercurrent. Pulse valve keeps the water and the valve body always separated by a section of air, so that the sewage water can not flow back to the pipeline to pollute the domestic water. It is absolute guarantee of the safety of domestic water.

Unique foot touch flushing - kick switch
The world's unique foot touch control technology can achieve the flushing and lip control through the touch of the foot touch key, a liberation of both hands, more user friendly.

Ergonomics - touch button
It is designed according to ergonomics, having buttons of user friendly, with precise touch and kind feel, easy to identify different functions.

2.4G RF connection - remote controller
The remote controller can remotely control one set product at the same time only. The use of remote control is not affected by space, obstacles and others, really a all-round precision remote control on products. The usage rate is up to 100%.

Super comfortable experience - SPA 3D massage cleaning
The unique hot and cold water alternating while washing, automatic changes in water pressure, and reciprocating movement of washing position, truly realize the 3D stereo massage, more comfortable in cleaning.

Original business model - safe outage
If the product is not in use for 24 hours of normal standby in power-on, the power will be automatically off, which can save electricity and avoid lightning stroke due to thunderstorms from causing family safety hazards. It is particularly suitable for business travelers.

Health products - medical grade of ultraviolet disinfection
The medical-grade UV nozzle disinfection technology introduced initially can effectively kill all types of bacteria, giving the families meticulous care, and letting them rest assured to enjoy the pleasure of healthy wash.

Safe and secure setting - eight layers of protection
Leakage protection: when the leakage current is up to 0.01 amps, the system will automatically power off within 0.1s to prevent the electric shock of body.
Pressure relief protection: when the water pressure inside the product exceeds 0.2MPa, the product will automatically release the pressure to ensure the waterway safety.
Bubble protection: when the flow is detected more than 1200ml/min, the water heating will be stopped to prevent product damage due to water bubbles.
Low voltage protection: when the detection to the flow rate of less than 350 ml/min, stop to prevent dry heating.
Water temperature protection: when the water temperature 43 ℃ higher than immediately stop heating, more than 45 ℃ when human intelligence to cut off the water to prevent burns.
Low-voltage protection: when the flow is detected less than 350ml/min, the heating will be stopped to prevent dry.
Water temperature protection: when the water temperature rises more than 43°C, the heating will be immediately stopped; when it exceeds 45°C, the water souse will be intelligently cut off to prevent burning the human body.
Fire protection: when the thermal fuse exceeds more than 108°C, it will fuse automatically to prevent fire.
Wind temperature protection: when the room temperature exceeds 45°C, the drying will be stopped to prevent burning.
Seat temperature protection: when the seat temperature exceeds 45°C, the heating will be stopped automatically; when the temperature exceeds 73°C, the thermal fuse will fuse for protection
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