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The convergence of professional forces, Jardine lead the future

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Update time : 2019-02-17 15:06:24

June exhibition, the money to buy, no money to play.

Wang exhibition inside and outside, the vast sea; major brands, Dayton lost surging.

Wrigley Huida, Heng Jie gold medal, want to try new high.

To know, see Jardine new, very elegant.

Butterfly Wing so much Jiao, cited numerous toilet waist.

Qin Qin Han Wu, see this to buy; Tang Zong Song Zu, is to buy.

Generation Tianjiao, Jardine bathroom, bathroom industry exposed big move.

All to carry on, the number of new industry, but also Jardine.


June 1, 2016, the 21st Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Fair in Shanghai New International Expo Center officially kicked off, as Asia's most influential kitchen show, called the Oscar of the bathroom industry, the world's leading brand of kitchen and a hero . As the king of the domestic intelligent toilet brand Jardine bathroom to bring many series of intelligent toilets shocked debut, the exhibition Jardine to "create mastermind wisdom, enjoy life" theme, to show the global user Jardine advanced product ideas and cutting-edge Of the technical advantages.


Kitchen and toilet enterprises at home and abroad will be in this show style, then this year, Jardine bathroom show in the end what? Let's take a look.


1, into the geometric concept, the unique avant-garde of the exhibition hall design

The exhibition Jardine Sanitary Ware will be a new fashion face to greet you. Jardine is located in the N5D26 exhibition hall, the exhibition hall designed to black and white gray three-color layout, unique avant-garde exhibition hall design, do not panic people in front of one of the bright,Through the use of a sense of science and technology full of black, into the geometric design concept, people will have access to the exhibition have a sense of science and technology to the visual sense.



2, the collision of wisdom and inspiration, Jardine New Top Secret exposure

During the exhibition, Jardine Sanitary Ware brings intelligent toilet, smart cover and other variety of the latest smart bathroom products. A new experience of science and technology intelligence, quality of life once again upgrade. The smart to carry the toilet, "applauded and sellers," to provide users with healthy, comfortable and convenient new smart bathroom experience.



New one: Dieyi series

Suddenly, such as spring night, everywhere are toilet cover, how can the most frivolous? Made in China to see Jardine. If the high color value is my appearance, then the strength of skills is my content, take the heart service is our aim, no one can refuse this smart toilet in the white-fu, because this is another new favorite bathroom industry.



The new ultra-thin design, detachment, originality. This product thickness of only 109mm, much lower than the thickness of other brands of products, but also the lightest, thinnest gesture to break the industry size bottom line! Yue "sit" the more happy, Jardine new Dieyi "cover" the world unparalleled!


New two: zero touch series


A wisdom of the change, so convenient and convenient. The newly developed "O-Touch Zero Touch" series of one-piece intelligent toilet is equipped with original foot touch technology. .

Phase space radar sensor technology, sensing people come and go, cover automatically open and close, very convenient.

3, Jardine a wave of new exposure, so that visitors amazing


The products brought by Jardine Sanitary Ware show the highest level of the intelligent toilet, gathering the most advanced product concept, the most fashionable product design and the most foreword research and development technology. Jardine bath a new wave of exposure, it exploded in the industry, the message is one after another. This exhibition Jardine Sanitary Ware high-end innovative product design has been highly praised the community, not only the unique design of the stunning audience, intelligent technology, the use of human nature is to make visitors breathtaking.

China is currently only 0.1% of the households use the smart toilet cover, so that the prospects are very broad. The fierce competition in the market, more and more serious homogenization of sanitary products, kitchen and bathroom show in Shanghai is a real test of the brand strength of the big stage, as the domestic leader in intelligent toilet brand, Jardine bathroom products in intelligent research and development always walk Industry front-end.




4, the quality of long-lasting far, the "artisans spirit" persist in the end


The State Council of the People's Republic of China and the State Council issued the Action Plan for Quality Development in 2016 and proposed to improve the quality of manufacturing in China by focusing on the intelligent toilet lid. In this era of intelligent information, as people continue to improve the concept of consumption, as well as the constant exposure of the news media, excellent quality will undoubtedly become the community's public knowledge. Many enterprises in order to achieve short-term rapid growth, only the immediate interests, to give up the pursuit of excellence.

All along, Jardine Sanitary Ware has always insisted on Seiko secret agents, from product development, production and user experience, Jardine bathroom utmost to perfect every detail of the product, and strive to create useful and practical quality products. No "do special, so fine, fine, do real" spirit of the craftsmen, there is no refined products. Jardine bathroom after continuous development and growth, the company's products have been unanimously approved by the industry, dealers outlets throughout the country, the current smart sitting, intelligent toilet cover has been selling the domestic and foreign markets.

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