G Series Washing Toilet

Technical Parameters of Washing Toilet
Dimensions: L680(mm)×W405(mm)×H513(mm)
Distance between wall and sewer pipe: 305/400mm
Water pressure: 0.1MPa (water flow: 17L/m)-0.75 PMa (static state)
Power of instant heater: 1800W (water inlet temperature: 5

Advantages of Washing Toilet

1. Cleansing

2. Core Functions
3. Safety

4. Comfort

Washing Toilet Features
1. Massage Experience

The toilet system provides repeated cleansing, flexible water pressure adjustment, pipe adjustment and cool-warm massage, giving you full experience.

2. Seat Heating
Developed with seven-point sensing system, the toilet seat automatically adjusts to an optimal temperature that suits the user.

3. Remote Control
It's convenient and fast to control the toilet thanks to the usage of remoter.

Details of Washing Toilet


The G series IKAHE washlet toilets are available with models such as G66, G61, G55, G53, G52 and G51. IKAHE Sanitary Ware company can design and manufacture a variety of intelligent toilets to meet customer needs for use at home or in commercial places, also we provide OEM service, can design and make American standard toilets and TOTO standard washlet toilets in customer demands.