T Series Tankless Toilet, Smart Toilet

Toilets have many bacteria and will easily become the hotbed of diseases if not be cleaned regularly. To kill bacteria and ensure the safety of users, we use advanced nanotechnology seat, anti-bacterial nozzle and medical-grade UV sterilizer in this smart

Technical Parameters of Tankless Smart Toilets

Dimensions: L679 (mm)×W405(mm) ×H515(mm)
Distance between wall and sewer pipe: 305/400mm
Water pressure: 0.1MPa (water flow: 17L/m) -0.75PMa (static state)
Power of instant heater: 1800W (water inlet temperature: 5℃)
Hip cleansing: 0.5-0.9L/min (three adjustable levels), water pressure: 0.2MPa
Private part cleansing: 0.5-0.9L/min (three adjustable levels), water pressure: 0.2MPa
Cleansing temperature: 30℃-40℃ (four adjustable levels)

Air speed of dryer: >4m/s

Outstanding Advantages of Tankless Smart Toilet

1. Core Functions

2. Advanced Safety
3. Cleansing

4. Comfort


Tankless Smart Toilet Features

1. Kick Type Switch

By kicking the switch, users can flush the toilet and control the lid with hands not touching the toilet, hygienic and clean.

2. Eight Protections
We design the toilet system with eight protection programs, like leakage protection, over-heating protection and high-pressure protection, guaranteeing the safety of you and your family.

3. Ultra-Clean Cleansing
The cleansing nozzle provides 900cc water flow and variable-frequency heating, thermostatic running water, to give users an ultra-clean cleansing experience.

Details of Smart Toilet